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"Power And Glory" from "At Vance | No Escape" At Vance | No Escape
"Princess Of The Night" from "At Vance | Heart Of Steel" At Vance | Heart Of Steel
"At Vance | Dragenchaser" At Vance | Dragonchaser
"At Vance | Early Works - Centers" At Vance | Early Works

"Take my Pain / Only Humain" from "At Vance | Only Human"

At Vance | Only Human
"Fallen Angel" / "The Evil In You" from "At Vance | The evil in you" At Vance | The evil in you
"One Day" | "Twisted" | "Fortuneteller" from Centers (Olaf and Oliver Hartmann) first album "Fortuneteller" Centers | Fortuneteller
"Sequential Cut" from Olaf's first solo album "Sunset Cruise" (feat. Franco Zuccaroli (dr) and Jim Stacey (b)) Sunset Cruise
"Country Shuffle" | "Islands" | "Fast Lane" from Olaf's soloalbum "Olaf Lenk´s F.O.O.D" (feat. Don Airey (keyb), Franco Zuccaroli (dr) and Oliver Glassl (b)) F.O.O.D
"Icebreaker" | "King Arthur" | "Parcival" | "World behind the World" from "Velvet Viper" Velvet Viper
"Alisa" | "Take a Ride" | "Winter" (Olaf Lenk on accustic) // "Face to Face" (Olaf Lenk on vox)
"alte Freunde" | "das Spiel" | "Soldat für wen" by "Tiefschlag" feat. Olaf Lenk (all instruments/music) and Tobias Lorsbach (vocals/lyrics) Tiefschlag
"Down in the Jungle" | "Far away" | "Scattered Brains" by "Mean Machine" (Olaf Lenk: all instruments, programming and vocals)
"Keep on believing" (unreleased song with Oliver Hartmann on vox)